Online Giving

Giving online is an easy and convenient way to support the parish.  Consider setting up online giving by going to the online giving link on the main page of our website and select your preferences of giving.  Many parishioners have chosen this method of support and it helps the parish by receiving contributions even if people are out of town or during vacation times.

Bishop’s Annual Appeal

This diocesan fundraiser runs from May through the following April each year. It is the major source of income for the building project. All funds pledged and paid over the diocesan goal will be refunded to the parish 100 percent, diocesan tax-free.

Annual Dinner Auction

This fundraising event occurs in the spring of every year. Contact the school office (740) 852-0161 for date, time and location.


Many parishioners have gone before us, remembering the needs of the parish in their wills. Consider thanking God for your blessings by giving a gift in your will to the parish. No gift is too large or small.

Important Links

For those looking for mass times across the world.


Online Giving